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25 Sep 2021

Ritzwell - Lakeshore Villa

Ideally built on the wooded shores of a lake, this home is immersed in a natural landscape combining the compositional elements of the local tradition with contemporary solutions in line with the values of the brand, whose production has always combined the Japanese culture and sensitivity with a minimalist and international design.

The building is inserted into the lush forest that surrounds it with its pure architectural volume gently mitigated by the slight movement of the roof pitches. At the same time, the design of the garden, with its geometric mirrors of water and perfectly tidy rows of blossomed cherry trees gradually aligns the landscape to the rigour of the project.

The relationship with natural elements is further strengthened by the choice of wood as a material for large portions of the façade, from the large windows to the transparent screens that visually connect the interior and exterior. The spaces in the Ritzwell house thus take shape by following the principles of Biophilia which considers the love and contact with nature to be one of the deepest needs of the human soul; an essential element to reach inner calm according to the Zen philosophy and a principle which needs to be implemented particularly in homes to guarantee psychological and physical wellbeing.


The ten spacious interior environments play with the geometric shape of the rectangle, and with their generous heights they thus become the ideal stage to present the new 2021 furniture collection. In combination with some pieces from the collections already in the catalogue, these new items propose fascinating solutions for the living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedroom, and never cease to highlight the extreme consistency of the entire Ritzwell production as well as the brand's ability to offer refined total living solutions with an essential and timeless elegance. The latter is further reinforced here by the neutral colour palette defining the entire villa.

Thus, next to absolute novelties like the modular LEEWISE EXCLUSIVE SOFA, designed by Junichiro Watanabe & Ritzwell, and the benches with different forms and functions, like the MO BRIDGE SQUARE BENCH WOODEN STRUCTURE  as well as  the MO DINIG TABLE and MT TABLE designed by the brand's designer and art director Shinsaku Miyamoto, we can appreciate various iconic pieces created over time, both by Shinsaku Miyamoto himself as well as by Jun Kamahara, Design Atelier D.Q. and the brand's internal design office.

The various spaces are furnished according to a strict functional logic: they slide into each other thanks to the delicate separation of the net in the wooden screens thus generating environments that can offer a great sense of protection, while the energy of nature flows in through the large to circulate freely within the home.

The many interior set-ups suggest infinite possibilities of personalisation in which each piece expresses its unique personality and at the same time contributes to increasing the recognizability of the brand’s production. In fact, all of Ritzwell’s furniture is made exclusively with high-quality materials such as solid wood, leather, the softest hides and most versatile natural fabrics, while the metallic structures have precious and resistant finishes made vibrant by a carefully studied colour range. These pieces do not only meet the demands of functionality and aesthetics, but also satisfy those of the soul, which recognises their harmony and perceives the ‘memory of hands’ that generated every single detail. But what matters most to the Japanese brand is that every piece of furniture preserves its beauty season after season, acquiring that fascinating ‘patina of time’ (furubi in Japanese) which makes our beloved objects truly unique.

The Lakeshore Villa project was realized by Roberto Di Stefano.

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